Things That Certain Celebrities Like Getting Up To

You cannot deny that celebrities have a great life. Sure, they are hounded by paparazzi, and in interviews, you might often hear them speaking about how desperately they would like to get away from the spotlight, but to be fair, that is very easy to say if you are living in a mansion, can travel anywhere you want and can get perks at the drop of a hat. The lifestyles of the rich and the famous are certainly exciting and thrilling, as much as they would like for you to believe otherwise. Many people cannot even imagine the fun things that these celebs get up to, which is exactly what this article aims to uncover.

Leonardo DiCaprio

As arguably one of the most famous male celebrities in the world, Leonardo DiCaprio is not at all in short supply of all the exciting things that he can get up to. In fact, he is the type of celeb who actually takes the time to jet-set around the world, from one stunning establishment to another. An interesting fact about DiCaprio that you might not be aware of is that he is actually quite into poker, blackjack, and baccarat. Any casino game where he gets to make an exciting bet is where you will find him. Now, as an average person, you might not be able to resonate with this as going to Monte Carlo for a quick game of poker is naturally out of your budget, however, this does not mean that you can’t feel at least a bit of what Leo feels and free spins no deposit is one of the easiest ways to get started on your online gaming journey.


In fact, Leo finds it so thrilling that he is rumored to even take the betting outside the field of casino houses and actually likes to place bets on the funniest and most random things that happen during the day. With the amount of investment that he has at his disposal, this honestly does not come as much of a surprise.

Ellen DeGeneres

Another famous celebrity who likes to stay busy and go and do things is Ellen DeGeneres. She is especially known for her love of sports. If there is any famous sports game happening, she is there. As she is as famous as she is, she is not only limited to USA games such as basketball or baseball, although she is quite the fan of the Knicks and tries not to miss a single game but she is also a big fan of tennis, F1 and female football. She would happily take a flight to Wimbledon in the U.K. to go and watch a few games. She would visit Morocco or Silverstone just to get her sights on some of the best F1 races to date. In fact, Ellen Degeneres often speaks about the reasons as to why she enjoys sports so much and she says it is all based on the fact that it encompasses movement. As an energetic person herself, she likes to occupy her time with either moving or watching others move. Therefore, if you do not find her on the sidelines of some fantastic sports game, then you will find her in the garden of her massive estate in the sunny hills of Los Angeles, tending to her chickens and vegetable farm, which, to her, is like her own very sporty meditation.

Jim Carrey

Although Jim Carrey has not made a new movie in quite some time and actively tries to stay out of the spotlight, he is one of the celebrities who has the most interesting hobbies out there. As someone who does not take himself so seriously, he is on the more adventurous and creative side. Going to watch an NBA game and sit on the sidelines is certainly something you will find him doing, too, but he also enjoys other creative hobbies such as pottery and painting. In fact, in his episode with Jerry Seinfeld on the famous Netflix show “Getting Coffee with Comedians,” Jim actually takes Jerry to his own studio, where you can see all Carrey’s paintings. This is, therefore, not only a small hobby but something that he truly enjoys and engages with often.


He mentioned in the show that although he has no intention of ever selling his paintings, he enjoys the spirit of making things. Which is the same with his pottery, which line his Malibu home. Beyond the creative side, Jim Carrey is also a big volunteer for young artists looking to get into the field of acting. Although he has quite famously spoken against how Hollywood operates, one of his main focuses is to ensure that any young person looking to get into the field does so with as much information as possible.

The Lives of the Rich and The Famous

As you can see from the above, the lives of the rich and the famous and their interests are as versatile as their personalities. With their access, they can partake in some of the most fun activities out there. They do not have to shy away from any hobby, as everything is at their disposal. Whether this makes them happy or not is another debate on its own, but one thing is for sure: their lives are certainly not boring.