Celebrities And Their Hobbies

We have filled out one too many forms that ask us to indicate our hobbies, and that’s because hobbies can improve your mood the instant you get into them. From hiking to tennis and writing to cooking, many hobbies exist, and the fun part? Even celebrities have hobbies, too.

This article will look at five hobbies and the celebrities who enjoy them.

Knitting  – Michelle Obama

Knitting has produced several multipurpose pieces that are timeless, fashionable, and protect against harsh weather conditions, from scarves to mittens. One person who loves to knit is Michelle Obama.

The former First Lady ignited her passion for knitting during the quarantine and has since made scarves, mittens, blankets, and hats for her family. Another celebrity who loves knitting is Ryan Gosling, who confessed that his ideal day activity was the knitting skill he picked up on the Lars and the Real Girl set.

Beekeeping – Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson

Beekeepers are also environmentalists because they keep bees for fun and to preserve the colonies. The first beekeeping celebrities to come to mind are Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson.

Samuel and Scarlett discovered they shared a common interest in beehives while discussing a movie set. During that time, Scarlett, an environmentalist, expressed her concern over colony collapse disorder.

After discovering this, Samuel gave Scarlett some beehives when she married Ryan Reynolds. Although her marriage with Ryan may have ended, her love for beekeeping still burns passionately.

The third celebrity on this list is Jennifer Garner, formerly married to Ben Affleck. Jennifer took up beekeeping as a hobby after her daughter became enchanted by a book that addressed bees. While on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she disclosed that she thought bees were in trouble, and a need to save them spurred her decision.

Tennis  – Ellen DeGeneres & Hugh Grant

Tennis, usually played indoors or outdoors with two or more opponents, requires skill. While some celebrities, like Serena Williams, are not professionally trained, they still hold their own in tennis.

Hugh Grant, the world-renowned actor, doesn’t just watch tennis; he also plays the game. Hugh has already won the ladies over with his charming onscreen charisma, and he’s a man’s man because of the aura he exudes. With tennis added as one of his strengths, his fans will increase.


Next up on our list of celebrities who play tennis is Ellen DeGeneres. One of the best places to be is on the DeGeneres show, and before she became a global figure,  she played tennis on her high school varsity team. While she doesn’t play the game actively now, Ellen has been known to “catch up” with friends and acquaintances while playing rounds of tennis.

Gambling – Floyd Mayweather and Ben Affleck

From poker to blackjack, many celebrities like to gamble and have found some of these games to be worthy hobbies.

Take Floyd Mayweather as an instance. When faced with people’s successes in gambling, you wonder about their luck, and Mayweather is one of those people who leaves you in awe. Floyd is skilled at boxing and betting, and records show he has won staggering amounts in previous years. He raked in $1 million in wins in 2012 when he bet on an Oregon vs. Arizona State game, and considering the wins he has garnered, we’ve got to give it up to him as one of the best when it comes to placing bets.

Next is Shannon Elizabeth, who made a name for herself in the American Pie franchise and ensured that people registered her presence in the poker circuit. Rising past the odds and climbing the ladder of success in the gaming industry, she is one of the top female celebrity poker players. Shannon cashed out in 2006 and 2007 after participating in the World Series of Poker and still puts on a good show in poker rooms.

Lastly, Ben Affleck, famous in the Batman franchise, plays a wicked game of poker and blackjack. He has won several poker events, including the California State Poker Championship. However, he admitted to suffering from a gambling addiction in 2021 and checked into a rehab facility. We hope he makes a comeback soon, and this time, with everything under control.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Gambling be a Hobby?

Like everything else, when done without considerate proportions, gambling can be a severe addiction or a harmless hobby.


 Most people consider gambling a hobby because they’ve got the reins of their gaming habits, and if you haven’t yet, you should work on that, as it will help you enjoy your gaming experience more.

What Games can you Play as a Hobby in Casinos?

Any game found at a casino can be played as a hobby. From poker, roulette, and blackjack to varieties of card and slot games, the options are yours to pick from.

Do Hobbies Have Any Health Benefits?

Taking time out to do the things you enjoy can improve your mood in a short time. It has been scientifically proven that hobbies eliminate stress, depression, and negative mood swings.


Whether knitting, beekeeping, or playing casino games, celebrities enjoy hobbies, too. Chances are you know a handful of celebrities who enjoy several other hobbies not listed in this article. What does this say?

Take some leisure time, put your feet up occasionally, and actively participate in the hobbies that satisfy you.

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