Mystery Science Theater 3000 Confirms Movies for 13 All

The MST3K team has confirmed that they will be streaming all 13 movies in the series on Friday, April 14th at 8:00pm ET. The event promises to include some of your favorite cast members and segments from the show.

The “mst3k season 13 movies” is a movie that has been confirmed by the Mystery Science Theater 3000. The show will be releasing their first episode in over a decade on April 14th, 2019.



The popular movie riffing series Mystery Science Theater 3000 will return for all-new episodes, as previously announced. Though Netflix developed and distributed the first two seasons of the resurrection of the series, season 13 will be accessible exclusively on their Gizmoplex platform, an all-new digital theater experience for MST3K aficionados. The feature films that will be riffed on in season 13 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 were confirmed by the series today, on Turkey Day, an important day in the fandom (and a Happy Turkey Day to all who celebrate!). The complete list can be seen below!

“It’ll feel different than, say, Netflix with simply more MST3K on it,” series creator Joel Hodgson previously said of the new site. “It should feel different because it’s not simply a collection of tiles that you click on to watch more MST; it should feel distinct.” The Gizmoplex and the next season of the program will also do some experimenting, as it will have many hosts, including the first female host in an MST3K TV show (albeit one who is already familiar to the fans, having traveled with the roadshow). Hodgson has also announced that he would reprise his role as host for at least one episode.

The complete list of MST3K season 13 episodes, as well as their synopses, may be found below.

Santo appears in Dracula’s Treasure.

“El Santo, a Mexican wrestler, invents a time machine. After someone uses the gadget to locate Drácula’s secret wealth, El Santo must track down the vampire.”


War of the Robots

“A rogue Megarobot pilot and an archaeologist must work together to stop the Centro from resurrecting a secret Megarobot with intent to overthrow the current order.”


Beyond the Lost City of Atlantis

“A group of explorers invades a native island in search of a rumored riches in hidden treasure. The islanders are as adamant about preserving their holy treasure. There are complications as a result.”



“A tormented kid encounters Munchie, a nice gremlin-like creature dressed as a lounge singer, sounding like a stand-up comedian and possessing magical abilities.”


Mordrid, Doctor

“An horrific evil has entered our realm and seeks to reign over Earth, and only Doctor Mordrid, a mystery sorceror, can stop him.”


Demon Squad is a group of demons that have

“As he takes on a case to reclaim an ancient item with extraordinary power, Nick Moon, P.I. (Paranormal Investigator), travels into a secret realm of monsters and creatures of the night.”


Jiger vs. Gamera

“A enormous, vaguely Triceratops-like creature is freed when an antique statue is transported for show in Expo ’70. In search of the monument, the monster travels to Japan and encounters Gamera, a huge flying turtle.”

(This was one of the few Gamera films not riffed during MST3initial K’s run.)

The Batwoman is a superheroine who protects the city

“Batwoman is sent to investigate a deranged doctor who is kidnapping wrestlers and using their spinal fluid to make a Gill Man.”


Sumuru’s a Million Eyes

“Sumuru is a gorgeous but wicked lady who plots to rule the world by having her sultry all-female army kill male leaders and replace them with her female operatives.”

The Shape of Things to Come by HG Wells

“When Earth becomes inhospitable in the future, man has established colonies on the Moon. Only three humans and their robot can stop a lunatic from destroying the Moon settlements with his robots and automated ships.”


3D version of The Mask

“A young archaeologist feels that a mask has cursed him, causing him to suffer strange dreams and maybe murder. He sends the mask to his psychiatrist, Dr. Barnes, before committing himself, and Dr. Barnes is soon immersed in the mask’s nightmare world.”

The Floating Bubble

“A pregnant lady and her husband are forced to land their jet in a distant village where the residents act zombie-like, repeating the same gestures and utterances again and over. As the mystery emerges, the two become imprisoned and desperate to discover a way out.”

The Dragon of Christmas

“A gang of orphans embarks on a quest to reclaim the lost enchantment of Christmas and rescue it.”


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The “mst3k season 13 cast” is a new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which will be released on Netflix in April.

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