Lou Williams reveals truth behind Jack Harlow, Magic City

The Magic City was a popular TV show on BET Network in the late 90s and early 2000s. It was a show based on a neighborhood in Atlanta where several local celebrities lived. In the show, the neighborhood was fictional, but many of the locals were very real. One of the notable locals from the Magic City was Jack Harlow, a popular rapper from the area who went by the name “Hollywood.”

Lou Williams aka “Lou the Animal” is not only one of the most popular athletes in the world, but one of the most honest too. After the NBA All-Star game, Lou went on record with Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report (transcribed by Pro BballTalk): “I was on Magic City with Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Cooper, Wilt Chamberlain, Bob Lanier, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan. Everybody was cool, but Magic Johnson was the only one who was cool with me.”

Although the widow of Magic City founder Jack Harlow said her husband was a “multi-millionaire” when he died in 1994 at age 50, the Miami Heat shooting guard revealed in an interview that he was in fact worth only $15,000-$20,000. He was also in debt to the tune of $1.5 million when he died.


A year later, the NBA’s return to play in a bubble at Disneyworld seems like a fever dream. While there were many bizarre tales to come out of that fascinating period, one of the most memorable featured Lou Williams, who was playing for the Los Angeles Clippers at the time.

Lou Williams was on a medical leave of absence from the bubble to deal to a personal issue, but a picture of the then-Clippers guard with rapper Jack Harlow in Magic City, a gentleman’s club, immediately went viral.

According to a deejay at the famous strip club and a dancer buddy we know, Clippers player Lou Williams left the NBA bubble to hang out with Jack Harlow at the Magic City strip club in Atlanta. #nba #clippers #louwilliams #jackharlow pic.twitter.com/WP4z9sXvbZ

July 25, 2020 — The Baysline (@TBaysline)

Harlow attempted to defend his pal Lou Will by saying it was an old photograph of the two of them together. However, few people believed it, and sources verified that the Clippers guard was in town for a brief visit.

On Thursday night, rapper Jack Harlow took a picture of Williams at an Atlanta gentleman’s club, which he immediately removed from his Instagram story. “That was an old photo of myself and Lou,” Harlow tweeted on Friday. I was simply thinking about him because I miss him.”

July 25, 2020 — Ramona Shelburne (@ramonashelburne)

Lou Williams has now been able to speak openly about the event that kept him away from the team when the NBA playoffs began more than a year ago. Williams says that he was at a funeral for a father figure in his life, which the Clippers let him attend.


“I came out of the bubble, and I was given permission to go. COVID was evaluated on a daily basis. His funeral was held on Walker Street, near Magic City. We walked away from the wake. We agreed we’d get a bite to eat and then return to the bubble.”

“Then comes Jack Harlow. This is when things start to go left…. Jack has just received the number one record, WHATS POPPIN. As a result, I was ecstatic to see him. ‘Bro, let’s take a shot,’ I said. To commemorate the music, or for whatever reason’. As we were shooting the photo, Jack said, “Yo, is it okay if I snap a picture?” Since we both had our masks on, I stated I didn’t see an issue with it. We shot the photo, it was published, and I believe we overestimated his popularity at the time.”

It was about this time that social media went wild over Lou Williams’ decision to leave the Clippers for the Magic City Magic. When it came to Sweet Lou, the memes and clowning started full speed, despite the fact that, according to his account, it was far more mild than it seemed.

“It simply went viral,” says the author. ‘Lou slipped out of the bubble to see Magic City and then returned.’ When I had authorization to be where I was, I was attempting to risk the championship.”

After blowing a 3-1 lead, the Clippers were eliminated in the second round by the Denver Nuggets. Perhaps things might have turned out differently if Lou Williams hadn’t been forced to postpone his homecoming with his team.



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