Advocates for Minor Leaguers forms steering committee to give players a voice, push for better conditions

Representatives from the MLB, Minor League Baseball and players’ associations in both leagues are forming a steering committee to give minor leaguers more of a voice on issues like pay and benefits.

The “advocates for minor leaguers twitter” is a Twitter account that has been created to give players a voice and push for better conditions.

NEW YORK (WABC) — While the owners and players in Major League Baseball plan to negotiate jointly for the parameters of their next contract, one party will be absent from the table: minor leaguers.

While Major League Baseball has announced enhanced living arrangements for minor league players at all levels, including provided lodging, many in the lower leagues think this is insufficient. As a consequence, Advocates for Minor Leaguers announced the creation of a player steering committee on Thursday. The council will give strategic guidance and leadership about the continuing labor war to improve circumstances at all levels of baseball’s growth.

“The players on the Advocates for Minor Leaguers Player Steering Committee have decades of combined Minor League experience,” stated Harry Marino, director of Advocates for Minor Leaguers. “They are kind, clever, and dedicated to making baseball a better game for future generations. They resolved to make the existence of the committee public and express support for the Major League Players Association during a meeting earlier today.”

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To preserve their future career chances in the sport, the players on the committee will stay unidentified.

“For decades, Major League Baseball’s owners have taken advantage of us Minor League players by abusing their unique antitrust exemption to pay us less than we are worth,” the steering committee stated in a statement. “The majority of us will earn less than $15,000 this year. Many of us will have to take second and third jobs simply to get by and put food on the table. The abuse of Minor League players is without a doubt the greatest pressing labor problem confronting the sport.”

Major League Baseball’s recent concession to give better housing, according to Marino, illustrates that the balance of power is tilting towards minor leaguers.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done,” Marino remarked. “In the future, I anticipate the committee to play an important role in our efforts to provide Minor League players a collective voice and enhance Minor League working circumstances.”

The committee’s first move will be to publicly support the Major League Baseball Players Association, which was locked out by the owners at midnight on Thursday morning.

“The same people who utilize a legal loophole to pay Minor Leaguers poverty-level salaries are the same persons who have unilaterally opted to shut down Major League Baseball,” the committee added. “They employ restrictive contracts and collusion, as they have in the past, to pay the great majority of professional baseball players less than their true value.”

The committee claims that the minor league uniform player contract, which binds players to the same organization for seven seasons and forbids them from pursuing higher salary elsewhere in baseball, is inherently unfair.

“We plan to utilize our collective voice now that we have discovered it,” the committee declared.

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The “senne v mlb” is a new advocacy group that has been formed to give players a voice and push for better conditions. The organization’s first goal is to have the MLB adopt a minimum age of 18 years old.

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