Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: Favourite video game enemies

The list of video game enemies is long and varied, but some are more memorable than others.

The most popular game right now is an article that discusses the most played and well-known video games.

Doom Eternal screenshot

Doom Eternal is a game that pays homage to the Cacodemon heritage (pic: Bethesda)

Readers share their favorite video game foes, ranging from Halo’s Covenant to Dragon Quest’s slimes.

Reader Paulie proposed the topic for this week’s Hot Topic, asking which bad men you like the best, and whether it’s due of the fight, their backstory, or their aesthetic design. Is it possible that their artificial intelligence provides a fun challenge?

We received a variety of responses, but one of the most popular was Halo’s opponents, which is good news for Microsoft as the next game approaches.

Sort by rank and file. If you ask me, Doom has some fantastic foes. All of the characters from the first game are instantly recognizable and transfer nicely to the subsequent games. The Imp and the Cacodemon are my absolute favorites because, in addition to looking great, they offer that crucial quality that every excellent adversary must have: they’re entertaining to shoot.

Even with the simple, two-frame animation of the originals, there’s something very gratifying about the sound effects and visuals when you play one, and although those games should be just as old as Wolfenstein 3D, they’re still quite enjoyable since the gunplay is still very good.

Doom’s bosses are bullet sponges, which makes them less exciting, but I believe the game’s rank and file are among the greatest in any series. I’m familiar with all of them and never get tired of filling them with lead. Scoots

Why are you so shy? There are a number of fantastic evil guys in the Mario series, and I’m sure a lot of people have highlighted the Goombas, but my personal favorite has always been the Shy Guys. I’ve always loved them since they’re extremely prevalent, particularly among Yoshi men, yet they’re hardly threatening, and the main character, whomever it is, usually appears to be bullying them.

I believe the name also helps me think of them in a more sympathetic light. Why do they have the nickname “shy”? Is it simply because they constantly wear a mask since they don’t behave that way? What is the purpose of the mask and what is hidden behind it? Are they Bowser’s allies or are they a separate faction? It’s never been quite obvious, at least not to me.

I’m sure we’ll never get a good response to this, and we probably shouldn’t, but I like them and would welcome a spin-off game in which you may play as one. Kister

Violence with no repercussions Isn’t it obvious that it’s Stormtroopers and/or Nazis? Shooting human opponents is becoming more harder to justify in realistic games, where even generic “terrorists” are suspect if the game’s narrative fails to avoid clich├ęs and offer a compelling background.

Who, on the other hand, will ever feel guilty about killing Nazis and Space Nazis? It helps that they’ve been in several fantastic games over the years, and although some may be disappointed that the next Call Of Duty is a WW2 game, I have to admit that I’m looking forward to it simply because I like punishing these people. Binns

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The X denotes the location. The obvious choice is zombies, but I’ll go with something else from Resident Evil: Mr X. Now, I’ll admit that if you had asked me 10 years ago, I would have said Nemesis was the superior version of Resident Evil’s unstoppable killing machine, but he was terrible in Resident Evil 3 and yet Mr X, who I used to think of as the rough sketch before the final product, was amazing in Resident Evil 2.

Lady Dimitrescu is a similar concept, but since her character is cooler than the other two, she’s a lot simpler to avoid than the other two because she’s from earlier in the game and therefore isn’t in the running. Mr X, on the other hand, is the greatest embodiment of the concept so far. Although I wouldn’t rule out Capcom creating a Mr. Y to attempt to improve the recipe. 83 Colbat

Hall of Fame for Halo I just finished Halo Reach (which started off as a means to earn more Daily Achievements on the Xbox so I could get extra Reward Points, but it’s one of my favorite Halo games, so it wasn’t too difficult) and I really like the opponents.

There seems to be more diversity than in previous Halo games (even with no Flood present).

I’d forgotten how difficult it is in comparison to previous Halo games, but it may be due to my aged reflexes. With their one-hit kills, the upgraded Grunts wielding Plasma Launchers served as a stark reminder that these aren’t simply cannon fodder. There must be four or five distinct Grunts in the game… some are normal, but it was a pleasant surprise to come across others that posed a serious danger. And the game makes extensive use of various levels of monster design (maybe more so than in previous Halo games) – Skirmishers and Elites each have a range of designs/weapons with which to murder you.

The Brutes, on the other hand, are my absolute favorite, and I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because of their design (or because of the weaponry they drop), but I believe they’re fantastic.

It also includes the Hunters, which are my least favorite Halo adversary. Maybe I’m missing something, but they’re a bullet-draining agony in the buttocks that can kill you in a single shot (and they come in pairs).

The Drones are simply… mediocre in terms of completeness. They would be amusing to fire with a lightgun, but they’re a minor annoyance here, and the Engineers… didn’t get them at all.

Thank you, GC, and keep up the excellent job. WoDMaN

I was slimed by him. It always bothers me that Dragon Quest isn’t as popular in the West, but slimes are my favorite foes. They’re a frequent opponent type in many early role-playing games, but the Dragon Quest ones are particularly famous for their tear-shape design and millions of variations.

They’re so popular, at least in Japan, that they’ve spawned their own games and products. They’re also highly changeable, like the Minions, so some are nice, others are deadly, and they’re all incredibly adorable! I confess to having many different cuddly toy versions. Focus

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Exceptional bosses Background stories for enemies are excellent for building anticipation for encounters with them and establishing a unique connection between you and the adversary. Ganondorf Dragmire was the first big enemy I faced; Bowser and the Koopa Kids were OK, but Ganon was the more sinister and mysterious of the two! In A Link To The Past, his alter-ego Agahnim was a brilliant revelation, and it was very scary when it occurred.

Ganon’s narrative is exposed more and more in each game, and his history becomes more complicated and evil! Throughout the Zelda chronology, there is a thieving Gerudo king and a King of Power and Darkness who appears to be immortal. From the SNES to the GameCube, the fights I’ve had with this man have all been unique and progressing in terms of fighting conditions. However, Ganon from A Link To The Past will always be my sentimental favorite.

Zombies are another one of my favorite adversaries, and when done well, as in excellent Resident Evil titles like The Last of Us, they’re a blast to dodge or fight. The villains in games like this are also fantastic, but Albert Wesker stands out to me as a ruthless, calculating military bad guy with a great cold harsh attitude!

The best part about Wesker is listening to him describe the heinousness of his present and future intentions, then seeing him carry them out. His ever-increasing abilities throughout the series, as well as his cinematic adaptations, making him so fascinating and exciting to watch anytime he appears on screen.

The only other adversary that can compete with Albert is Sephiroth! When you first encounter him, or the Jenova version of him, in Final Fantasy 7, he provides such a sense of mystery, as the thrilling narrative unfolds as you continue through the game. Alucard

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