Stephen Curry, Draymond Green And Steve Kerr Show Support To Klay Thompson After Emotional Post

After a video Klay Thompson posted on Instagram, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green show their support for the former 3-point shooting champion.

The “what happened to klay thompson” is a question that has been asked on social media. Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Steve Kerr have shown their support to Klay Thompson following the emotional post.


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Everyone was pleased with the Golden State Warriors’ 17-2 record after they destroyed Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers. They are currently dominating the competition and are the top team in the league. 

While the rest of the squad rejoiced, one player sat courtside with a towel over his head, likely grieving after witnessing his teammates work hard, have fun, and win a huge game while he recovers from a damaged Achilles tendon. 

Klay Thompson has been out of the NBA since the beginning of 2019, missing the previous two seasons due to back-to-back season-ending injuries. The veteran shooting guard is expected to return around Christmas, and his last month of rehabilitation will be difficult. 

He must not only prepare for his return, but also fight the fear of being so near to it while watching his teammates play. That was evident on Friday night, when he sat on the bench as the Warriors defeated the Blazers 118-103. He lingered there for a long time until being led off the field by Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Steve Kerr. 

Following that, the three chatted about Klay, expressing their admiration for the player. 

Green told Yahoo Sports, “It’s really difficult, and he’s right there.” “He’s right there, on the verge of reaching the end of the road.” Or, depending on how you look at it, the start of the journey.

“He has these days now and again, and I understand it as much as I can without having to go through it.” I don’t know many people who love basketball as much as Klay does, or who like competing as much as he does. Our dominoes games are constantly on my mind. He even enjoyed it, despite the fact that he is far outmatched. So, it’s simply a rival. One of the most formidable opponents I’ve ever encountered.

“He’s also a part of it. Please don’t misunderstand me. But you want to have an influence on the game; you want to be out there, making your presence known. And it’s difficult after nearly three full calendar years off the floor. We empathize with him, but we must stay right there with him, continue to push him, and attempt to get him to the finish line, or as I previously said, the start line.”

Stephen Curry said that being on the field would be difficult for him, particularly now that he’s so close to returning to play. Nonetheless, he said unequivocally that the squad would be there to help Thompson. 

When questioned about Thompson after the game, Curry said, “Two-plus years is a long time.” “I believe heading into this season, he’ll be closer than he’s ever been to getting back on the court. He’s got the basketball back in his hands every day, and he’s feeling like himself, so I expected this would be the most difficult phase of his trip. He’s still not on the court, but he’s playing pick-up [games], he’s around our sessions, and he’s back with us in those scenarios. The good news is that we’re now talking weeks rather than months.

“I’m very happy of how he’s addressed this two-year period because, unless he wants to write a book about it, no one will comprehend what he’s gone through being away from the game for so long. And that demonstrates how important this game is to him. And it’s uncommon these days for someone as pure as Klay to experience every ounce of what basketball has to offer. It will strike him at times, and we must continue to encourage him and talk positively about him and his accomplishments since, after all, this is his journey. Nobody understands what he’s gone through.”

Steve Kerr had the same outlook as his team. Thompson’s anxiety grows as the day approaches, which is difficult after two years off of the game. The head coach, on the other hand, said emphatically that the wait would be over shortly. 

Kerr said, “I simply try to put myself in his shoes.” “The good news is that he’s almost done with this. However, he can’t help but reflect on how much he’s lost in the previous several years, purely on a personal level. He is a huge fan of the game, and not being able to participate or be a part of the squad in the manner he desires has been really difficult for him.

“I think what I’m trying to convey is that he’s extremely human, in the sense that he’s sensitive and emotional. That is what makes him such a lovely guy, and all he cares about is the game. He enjoys his profession and wants to be a part of it all. Everything has been taken away in the previous two years. As a result, there have been moments when he has been rather depressed.”

For a long time, the Warriors have been a model franchise. They are excellent on the court and employ excellent personnel. Klay’s long-awaited return to the floor is eagerly anticipated by everyone, even opposing supporters. 

It’ll be dangerous hours for the remainder of the competition once he begins playing again. He’s really fortunate to have these folks on his side during these trying times. Klay is missed by the game, and we can’t wait to see him hoop once again, demonstrating why he is one of the best shooters of all time. 

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